1) Carefully choose the photo treatment

Used by the beauty of the photo beam, are high energy, once the energy is released too much or too long on the skin may cause burns consequences. Therefore, treatment facilities, to select those with reliable equipment, experienced therapists and reputation is particularly important. Secondly, when the problem occurs in the treatment of professional experience of the therapist, for diagnosis and appropriate response and handling.

2) Vary the skin 
 Photo therapy is the use of different spectra of light beam to the skin, through the energy damaging appearance tissue, such as vessels, body pigmentation, hair follicles, in order to achieve a variety of skin care function. Including the removal of wrinkles, stains, tattoo, to repair scar, hair removal, and even smaller pores and activation of collagen rejuvenation effect remarkable. But because each person's skin and on beam response are different, so everyone required course of energy intensity, duration and frequency of they are different. Therefore, such as self to make suitable for judgment, multidirectional anecdotal query and comparison, in order to obtain accurate information and make the right decision.

3) Before and after treatment of attention

Can affect the appearance of the skin in the genesis of many, so even if the receiving optical skin after treatment, must from the daily diet of living habits to improve, so that the effect can be maintained for longer.
- For some of the more complex skin problems, because must use more complex equipment, consumer should be psychologically prepared, charges will be more expensive.
- Selection of treatment before, should refer to the comparison among different services, the primary professional and experience of the treating operation, reasonable fees and terms of service。
- Photo beauty and other treatment, there are side effects and associated risks, such as skin burns redness, treatment should be more understanding.
- To reduce the risk of allergic reaction, treatment must be carried out before the appropriate skin testing, to ensure that relevant course.
-Treatment should not be used prior to treatment, acid skin stratum corneum, photosensitive drug, nor should the makeup and excessive sun exposure; removing wear ornaments, and have a good rest, to ensure skin in the best condition treatment.                                           
- After completion of treatment, should stay indoor rest decreases, to avoid exposure to ultraviolet light, so that the skin excessive irritation.
- After treatment, at least one week not to irritation of the skin and cuticle treatment, compliance instructions using the relevant protection products, such as aloe vera cream and sun cream etc..

4) Not for who.

- Recently had a sunburn, because the skin is still in repair period, indiscriminate use of laser anti will wound deepening, impede recovery.
- Because the optical beauty therapy has the potential to cause a small wound with skin, such as a blood coagulation abnormalities, the wound may thus difficult to heal.
- There are local or systemic inflammation, especially facial skin inflammation, to prevent skin irritation to exacerbate inflammation treatment.
- The scarred physique, photosensitive body or the function of immune system problems, treatment may cause significant scarring or erythema, blistering and other allergic reactions.
- Neuroticism persons receiving treatment may obvious pain or discomfort than ordinary people, it is not recommended for optical beauty.
- Suspected of suffering from skin cancer, such as affected by light irradiation and stimulation, it is likely that the condition of accelerated deterioration.
- Pregnant women, children and patients suffering from epilepsy, are not treated, in order to avoid unpredictable side effects.

5) Nevus bigger first.

Most people just see skin spots, moles, Yi, scars and other issues, will immediately think of is available to remove optical treatment. But in fact, some spots, moles, Yi problems, may be a serious skin disease, and even skin cancer symptoms. If you fail to early treatment, so to improve the appearance, easy to make skin disease problems. Such as skin erythema, may be of various types of hemangioma, capillary dilatation or rose acne and other vascular problems. While nevi, Yi may also be melanocytic nevus of Ota or seborrheic keratoses make pigmentation at. In addition, such as hypertrophic scars, hirsutism xanthoma, nor a single optical beauty treatment can be treated skin problems.