When customers use our service that is agreed to accept the policies as below :
1) The duration validity of course treatment prepaid by credit card is effective for six months only, whereas payment by cash, cheque or EPS is of twelve months effective.   
2) No show, last minute, late excess 10 minutes or change of advice less than six hours are being considered as one time of coupon treatment used unless rescheduling approval. 
3) Poor physical condition or the risk of infection, the company has the right to refuse to carry out the course of treatment. It is to the customer's own risk and responsiblity in case of failure to delcare health problem such as allergy, before treatment. 
4) Smoking, spirtual drugs taking, alcoholic drinking and gambling are strictly prohibited in the company.
5) Any private or under table deals of treatment between customers and staffs are strictly prohibited.
6) The customers' personal informations are being collected by the company for internal use only which are compliable in accordance with Privacy Ordinance of Hong Kong

Violet Medical & Beauty Center
(Revised December 23, 2011)