[Violet] was founded in 1973, engaged more than 30 years of experience in aesthetic services. Seeing the traditional beauty services could not meet the needs of the market, I decided to restructure the business in 2003. By introducing different partnerships, so that we were able to invest focusable in the modern world-class equipment of medical aesthetic technology into [Violet]. Following us with many years of old customers and new customers nowaday are able to share the outcome of the high-end aesthetic technology today.
    Pursuit of perfection and excellence as a medical cosmetology institutions, each of the different treatment cases, we have years of experience for the guests to solve the problem and regain self-confidence, this is what we get the most job satisfaction and effort from this power resources . At the same time, with straight years of professionalism and serious attitude, win a lot of customer reputation, trust and referrals. Therefore, we could maintain a very good business turnover during the past years of economic ups and downs cycle.
    Engaged in the service industry for many years, our principle of people oriented, specifically, understanding and caring attitude, has been inspiring our staffs a positive motivation to serve by heart . Thus a sustainable career development could enrich one's life with health and happiness in which the vision and goals we hope to achieve.
    Furthermore, we hope that the industry is not only to create one's value but also could really help the people in need so as to promote mutual trust, harmony and social responsibility
Jenny Tse
Beauty Director